What are the best wedding dates for 2022?

let us look at some popular dates for nuptials this year

2022 is the year to get married! 2020 was the year people wanted to get married. 2021 was the year people tried to get married and now in 2022 those couples finally can. So what’s a great wedding date that you’ll never forget? Here are a few ideas for those of you getting ready to walk down the aisle.

Which will be the best wedding date for you in 2022?

Saturday 22nd January 2022 - 22/1/22
Glass box with wedding rings inside, tied with a silver ribbon on a small piece of wood with the date 22/1/22 written on it. Sitting on a green lawn with greenery inside the box as well

With the first month of the year also representing a new beginning, the 21st January is a great date to have a summer wedding.   And with the date being a palindrome, (when a number is the same when it’s written forwards or backwards), by some cultures it is believed to be a lucky one.   The 22/1/22 is one of the best wedding dates to choose because of this. Along with the warm weather of course.

Wednesday 2nd February 2022 - 2/2/22
Brown paper hearts on a string, hanging against a wooden wall with the date 2/2/2022 written on them. With coloured confetti flying around everywhere

Even though February is one of the shorter months, it seems to be one that’s jam packed with weddings. Especially this year.   Another palindrome date is 2/2/22, where you still have the warm summer weather yet a seriously cool, non-traditional factor of having a Wednesday Wedding.   It gives a whole new meaning to Hump Day.

Valentine's Day - 14/02/22
A close up of a diary, looking at the page with the date 14/2/22. Valentine's Day. With red pencil, hand drawn love hearts around the date

The 14th of February. A popular date for nuptials no matter which year it is. Valentine’s Day is popular amongst many couples looking to wed. An anniversary date you will never forget. But one where the Valentine’s gifts will need to be twice as big for years to come. Also thought to be one of the most romantic dates of the year. Perhaps one of the best wedding dates by far.

Saturday 20th February - 20/2/2022
A hand laid down on a fuschia coloured background, with the palm facing up & the words 20th Feb 2022 written on there. The zero in 20 is replaced with a gold wedding band

Continuing on with our February weddings, the 20th February is a great date to have a traditional Saturday wedding. Nearing the end of summer as we move into the cooler autumn months. With a date that’s easy to remember as well as looking visually pleasing on the wedding invitations, 20/2/22 looks like a great choice. What do you think?

Monday 22nd February - 22/2/22
The date 22/2/22 written on stone paving, with white chalk. With coloured confetti flying all around

The last suggestion from all of our February weddings, the two’s have it 22/2/22! For couples who only have a very tight budget to work with, a Monday is the most affordable day to get married as well as being très chic! If you are wanting a more intimate wedding, your dream venue is more likely to let you book for a smaller amount of guests if you book with them on a weekday. Especially a Monday.

New Years Eve - 31/12/22
A bride & groom standing together with their backs facing the camera as they watch the fireworks above them

If you want to have an epic wedding, be sure to have it on the biggest party day of the year, New Years Eve. Ending one year whilst ringing in the new one. This is how fairy tales are written. From Miss to Mrs and 2022 to 2023, let the new chapter begin!

There’s a certain ring to these dates and therefore will be quite popular. Be sure to book your wedding vendors asap, especially your photographer. Contact us now and let’s do this!

Which date will you choose?

All images: Love Kit Photography
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